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2011 Activity Report - January to March


  • Presentation about Wikipedia
In 10, 12 and 14 January were made 3 presentations about Wikipedia, to launch the "Recuperação Económica e Coesão Social" course, sponsored by Centro de Informação Europeia Jacques Delors and directed to a group of about 125 primary and secondary teachers. All 3 presentations, similar in content, were presented by Manuel de Sousa (Porto, day 10), Béria Lima (Viseu, day 12) and Eduardo Pinheiro (Lisbon, day 14).
Organizers of Wikipedia 10º Anniversary in Lisbon.
  • 10º Anniversary of Wikipedia

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Wikipedia was held an event at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, which consisted in display, for the first time in Portugal, the movie "Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia" followed by a panel and lectures on the present and the future of Wikipedia.

  • WMPT in social media
After a long discussion, a complete clean up of WMPT social media account was made. The accounts of Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz,, FriendFeed, Blogger, Youtube, Orkut and Flick were configured. The responsible for all the accounts was also decided.


  • IV General Assembly
The IV General meeting of WMPT was held in Porto, with the presence of André Barbosa, Nuno Tavares, João Miguel Vasconcelos, Lars Wessman, Béria Lima, Manuel de Sousa and Susana Morais. The topics in discussion were the Chapter's Agreement; the appointment of a interim treasurer and the Regulamento Interno modifications.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
Initial preparations were intensified for the national phase of Wiki Loves Monuments. The relevant discussion took place in


  • Presentation about Wikipedia - End of course
To follow up the presentation held in January, the presence of the Speakers were solicited in the evaluation session of the Wikipedia Articles created by the students. The relevant discussion took place in
  • Preparativos do aniversário da Wikipédia Lusófona
The discussions about the 10th Anniversary of Portuguese Wikipedia, at 11 May, started. The relevant discussion took place in
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
The internal regiment for WLM and the sponsorship program were created, and the search for Sponsors and Partners started.