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Nota: This is a computer-translated version of Relatórios/Anual/2023, provided for readers' convenience. It is not a legal document. Please refer to the original.

This report focuses on Wikimedia Portugal's activities from 1 January to 31 December 2023.

After the pandemic, 2023 was marked by the return of major face-to-face events organised by the association, with the aim of once again bringing together members of the Wikimedia community living in Portugal.

It was also the first year in which the association had a contracted team of two people for 12 months.

Wikimedia Portugal's activities are structured around the GLAM Partnerships, Attracting new contributors and Increasing community capacity programmes. Although there may be some overlap between the programmes, an attempt is made below to present results separated by programme.

GLAM Partnerships


In 2023, the Wiki Loves Portuguese Music project, which began in November 2022 and has Antena 1, NOVA FCSH , among others, as partners, was continued. This project aims to improve the content of Portuguese music on the various Wikimedia platforms, namely Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. Easy to communicate with, it became the association's flagship. It not only created partnerships with research centres and projects, but also made it possible to reach new audiences.

During the first six months of 2023, we focused on organising regular online meetings (twice a month), open both to the existing community of publishers in Portugal and to those who have never published before. Above all, these meetings made it possible to publicise the project and the association, particularly through a partnership with Antena 1. Within the scope of this project, the then Wikimedian in Residence started several partnerships with research projects in the field of music, based at the FCSH ( Arquivo José Mário Branco, Marcmus, Iconomus and PEM). For more details on the work carried out and which will continue over the next year, we recommend reading Wikimedian in residence's report on the 18 months in residence at the FCSH, which includes the first 6 months of 2023, and the booklet presenting the results of the project's first year of activity:

The last six months of 2023 involved the transition of roles and responsibilities in the GLAM field, following on from what had been built up during the residency at NOVA FCSH, and broadening the scope of action to a national position. The focus was on the following axes:

  • maintaining the content partnerships and projects already underway (especially the Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa mentioned above),
  • disseminating Wikimedia platforms and tools, and publicising GLAM activities.

Most of the ongoing partnerships were then transferred from the NOVA FCSH residency, starting with eViterbo (whose report can be found in the attached documents), which was updated and maintained. A proposal was also submitted to the Wikimedia Research Fund in December 2023, which was unfortunately rejected. However, the joint work with NOVA FCSH and Wikimedia Deutschland in developing this proposal will be reformulated in a joint pilot project, which will test the possibilities of migrating the current eViterbo system to a Wikibase Cloud solution.

The rest of the partnerships revolve around the aforementioned Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa (WLMusPT). Although it involves uploading data and multimedia content to Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons, the centrepiece of the collaborations with the Portuguese Early Music Database (PEM) and the ICONOMUS project is the training of professionals, work that will continue throughout 2024.

Metrics - GLAM Projects:

1st Half 2023

(Includes 2022 metrics)

Project Support
400 hours Research and improvements related to Wikibase and eViterbo (Wikibase)
80 hours Dedicated technical updates on eViterbo (Wikibase)
14 hours Support for other projects using Wikibase
1 participation in the submission of a research project
Internal Events (NOVA FCSH)
> 100 hours specific training on Wikimedia tools and platforms and related topics that

reach more than 200 participants

2nd Semester 2023 1-to-1 training/support
60 hours Portuguese Early Music Database (PEM)
12 hours Iconomus
50 hours José Mário Branco Archive
Impact on Wikimedia projects
Wikidata more than 330 new objects relating to music manuscripts
Commons uploading around 40 images
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music
Wikipedia created or improved more than 450 wikipedia articles
Commons 30 images for Commons and Wikipedia, illustrating over a hundred articles

New partnerships have been signed (mostly within the scope of WLMusPT) with institutions (which will be developed throughout 2024) and with various objectives, namely:

Internal training and networking


There was intense internal training in tools and topics related to the universe of free knowledge, with the highlight being the certification of GLAM partnership manager in Creative Commons for GLAM/Open Culture, which was completed in December 2023. Also in 2023, the GLAM partnership manager began training in OpenRefine and Wikisource, which will continue until March 2024. During this period, he also joined Europeana Pro, an international network of professionals linked to free culture.

Other Partnerships


In addition to the new GLAM partnerships that carried over from the NOVA FCSH residency, we continue to collaborate with the National Library of Portugal,, ANSOL and D3, among others.

In the case of the National Library, we continue to support the work of transposing the library's data and images onto Wikimedia platforms, which began in 2018. In 2023, the first meetings were held with the EODOPEN Portugal team, which set in motion the creation of a project with the EOD, which involves placing works in the public domain on commons, wikidata and wikisource, to be developed throughout 2024. The association will not only provide support for uploading content, but also training for the project team so that they become autonomous and can pass on the knowledge acquired to the rest of the BNP team.

In addition, in 2023, the BNP once again hosted the celebration of Public Domain Day, in which ANSOL and Creative Commons Portugal took part. It also hosted and provided logistical support for the Wikidata Days conference at the end of September.

The close relationship will continue throughout 2024, as the BNP will once again host Wikidata Days, as well as supporting the association's activities by providing space for training sessions within the scope of Wiki Loves Portuguese Music and others.

Alongside the BNP, is another partnership that will continue from previous years. This involves organising and promoting the work done by both and WMPT in activities organised by both, particularly within the scope of WLMusPT.

Another highlight is the close relationship that the association maintains with other national partners, including ANSOL (Associação Nacional de Software Livre), Ubuntu Portugal, OSM, OSGeo, and D3 (Direitos Digitais); which resulted in the organisation of another edition of Festa de Software Livre.

In the specific case of D3, the association has relied on its support with regard to legal issues, digital rights and other matters.

= Attracting new contributors The focus of the programme is on creating activities to attract and welcome new contributors. The traditional photographic competitions dedicated to Portugal's architectural, archaeological and natural heritage were held in conjunction with other entities affiliated to the Wikimedia movement. The best photos from each national competition were nominated for the international competition. Wikimedia Portugal would like to thank all the volunteers who took part in sorting the photos and the members of the final juries who made it possible to keep the competition on track.

Wiki Loves Earth


Another edition of Wiki Loves Earth Portugal was held in May with the support of CIIMAR.

This edition included:

No. of Participants No. of new accounts created No. of photos submitted
82 72 1157

This and other information can be found in the competition report:

This edition featured two major innovations:

1st - Through CIIMAR it was possible to exhibit the photographs of the exhibitions held in 2022, in various FNAC shops, at no cost to the association.

2nd - The organisation of Wikidata Days at the National Library of Portugal opened the doors to another exhibition, which was open to the public during the month of September.

Although the competition took place in May, the process of evaluating the photographs submitted to the competition was not completed until June. The process of attracting volunteers to sort through the images was not swift, many of those contacted said they were unavailable and those who accepted also had some difficulty meeting the deadlines for the rounds. This highlighted the need to think about ways to involve the community more in these processes; or to rethink the model used to evaluate the images.

Winning photos WLE Portugal 2023


Five of these photos were awarded prizes in the international phase of the competition, including 1st prize in the landscape category for the photo Ninho ao Luar by Nmmluis, 8th, 9th and 16th place in the Wildlife category, and 5th place in the Special Prize ‘Human rights and the environment’.

Wiki Loves Monuments


In September, another edition of Wiki Loves Monuments Portugal was held.

As was the case with Wiki Loves Earth Portugal, the process of evaluating the photographs submitted to the competition was not completed within the stipulated deadlines, and it was necessary to request an extension to the deadline for sending the photographs to the international phase. Once again, the process of attracting volunteers to sort the images was not swift. The deadlines were not met, for the reasons already mentioned in the WLE. This reinforced the need to rethink the model used to assess the images.

As for participation, the figures are:

No. of Participants No. of new accounts created No. of photos submitted
34 23 1518

Estas e outras informações podem ser encontradas no relatório do concurso:

Imagens selecionadas para a fase internacional (por ordem aleatória):

Increasing community capacity


Wikimedia Portugal's third programme is dedicated to creating and empowering the Portuguese community dedicated to free knowledge and Wikimedia. In a post-pandemic period, it was considered essential to promote face-to-face contact between people in order to foster the creation of links and synergies between Wikimedians and free knowledge enthusiasts.

In 2023, the association organised two major events: Wikicon Portugal and Wikidata Days; it also collaborated with other organisations to organise the Porto Meeting and the Free Software Festival. Below is a brief description of each of these events in order of occurrence.

WikiCon Portugal 2023


WikiCon Portugal 2023 group photo

After the interregnum caused by the pandemic, another edition of WikiCon Portugal was held in March, with the support of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (NOVA FCSH) and was the first major face-to-face post-pandemic event. It took place in Lisbon, at the Campolide campus of the FCSH (Colégio Almada Negreiros). It was the first major face-to-face meeting of the Wikimedian community in Portugal after three years. Over the three days, around 40 people took part in the activities.

As well as promoting the meeting of the Wikimedist community, this edition aimed to publicise the association's work among the academic community of NOVA FCSH, which supported this edition. Thus, the first day was dedicated to it in its entirety, with the presentation of research projects that use wikimedia platforms as a working tool, including the aforementioned e-Viterbo, Profmus and Marine Lexicon.

The rest of the programme of activities was designed for the wiki community. Despite being organised in a very short period of time, the main objective, which was to bring together free knowledge enthusiasts, was achieved. Among them were representatives from other wikimedia communities, namely Wikimedia Spain, represented by Pedro Pacheco, who presented some of his projects, and Wiki Movimento Brasil through the participation of Sandra Soster who spoke about the Glam partnerships that the group has underway.

See also:

Porto Meeting 2023

Porto Meeting 2023 group photo
Porto Meeting 2023 group photo

Its starting point was the notion that all Wikimedia projects are based on the assumption of linguistic diversity, based on a collective effort so that everyone can have access to the sum of all knowledge in their own language, which consequently leads to the development of efforts to protect minority or minoritised languages.

This is why the Porto Meeting was conceived as a meeting aimed at promoting linguistic diversity in Wikimedia projects, in which representatives of different linguistic communities, with a special focus on those in the Iberian Peninsula, were invited to share their experiences, difficulties and opportunities in the context of Wikimedia; this discussion was open to researchers and academics. Thus, after a failed first attempt to organise it in 2028, it took place on 1 January. So, after a failed first attempt to organise it in 2028, it took place from 16 to 18 June in Porto and was co-organised by Wikimedia Portugal, Wikimedia Spain, Wikimedia Italy and the CODA-Centre for Digital Culture and Innovation; it was supported by FLUP, the Instituto de Pernambuco and various research centres at the University of Porto (DEPER and CLUP) and the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

It was attended by academics and wikimedians representing 10 language communities (Asturian, Catalan, Castilian, Basque, Extremadura, Italian, Galician, Mirandese, Lombard and Portuguese), totalling 27 participants. Over the three days of the meeting, which took place at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto and the Institute of Pernambuco, the participants took part in the 22 activities scheduled, including round tables, presentations by each of the communities on their work, workshops and debates on linguistic diversity in Wikimedia projects.

The meeting ended with a meeting attended by representatives of the aforementioned communities, with the exception of Lombardy. During the meeting, the participants expressed their satisfaction with the organisation of the meeting and the way it had taken place, in particular the fact that it was the first event in which every person who attended in person could speak in their own language and be understood, the only exception being the representative of the Basque community. They also pointed out that this meeting also served to share local projects and initiatives that could serve as examples and be replicated, to learn from each other's experiences, and they all showed an interest in working and developing strategies together aimed at boosting the dynamism and visibility of minority and minoritised languages. This laid the foundations for the creation of a multilingual Iberian network of Wikimedian communities and could give rise to a network of projects in Romance languages.

In addition, several academics and minority language speakers took part in the sessions, which led to an increased interest in wikimedia platforms as a tool for language preservation.

For a better understanding of how this event was organised, how it took place, its framework and other information, we recommend reading the report that was published on DIFF and can be found at the following link:

See also:

Free Software Festival (FSL)


Waldir Pimenta (WMPT) talks about Localisation of open source software, at the Free Software Festival 2023

The association is heavily involved in the open access, free software movement and has played an important role, both in terms of organisation and in building bridges between the various groups taking part in the Festa do Software Livre. This was organised by various Portuguese communities associated with free culture and knowledge and took place in September at the University of Aveiro. During the event there were 17 parallel tracks, totalling more than 100 presentations and workshops, and more than 300 participants in the event.

See also

Wikidata Days 2023

Wikidatadays 2023 group photo
Wikidatadays 2023 group photo

This conference has its origins in the GLAM Days, held at the National Library of Portugal in 2018, and aimed to bring together the various communities (wikimedians, scientific) and GLAM organisations that use Wikidata as a repository for open structured data.

In addition to the national wikimedians and scientific community, representatives from Wikimedia Spain, Germany, Italy and the Wikimedia Foundation also took part.

Between 28 and 30 September, the 25 participants were able to attend presentations of projects that use Wikidata as a working tool, take part in workshops on editing and practical applications for organising data. There were also two sessions dedicated to the EODOPEN Project which lifted the veil on the work that will be carried out in 2024, and which aims to digitise and make freely accessible materials from the 20th and 21st centuries, continuing the work that is already being carried out with the National Library.

One of the most interesting moments was the active and positive participation of the panel of experts that was brought together at this conference during the presentation of the various projects, demonstrating in practice the strong collaborative nature behind the movement.

See also:

Other partnerships and activities


In addition to the major events mentioned above, other activities carried out throughout the year are also worth mentioning, which show the evolution of the relationship with one of our main partners, CODA/FLUP (Centre for Digital Culture and Innovation) and which were aimed at disseminating Wikimedia platforms and tools to specialised audiences.

We would like to highlight

- the open class, which took place at FEUP and which the academic community was invited to attend, and which was based on the project 'English-speaking travellers in Portugal', developed by CETAPs which was later presented at Wikidata Days.

- participation in the ACIS Conference, which made it possible to present to an audience dedicated, among other things, to the study of minoritised languages, the potential that the platforms and tools developed by Wikimedia can have in revitalising languages that are at risk for one reason or another.

- The 3rd edition of Viquimarató de la Llengua Catalana is another activity worth highlighting. Not only did it serve to strengthen ties with Amical (Catalan wikimedia), but this year, as well as taking place again in Lisbon, at Biblioteca Camões, it was replicated in Porto, at FLUP, with the support of Professor Francisco Topa from DEPER and the presence of Portuguese, Catalan and Timorese editors and representatives of the Esperanto community based in that city.

Also in 2023, the first steps were taken towards future collaborations with some ongoing projects at FLUP, developed by researchers:

In addition to this, it is also worth highlighting the work that began to be developed with Associação Lhenghua, namely with Mirandese teacher Ana Afonso, which consisted of 1-to-1 training sessions dedicated to editing on Wikipedia and Wikidata and culminated in a class dedicated to lexemes as part of the Mirandese course that took place at FLUP at the end of 2023.

These and other partnerships, which are in their infancy, are detailed in the document:

Organised by others


In addition to the events and activities organised by the association, it was present at multiple Wikimedia-related events inside and outside Portugal, with a view to disseminating Wikimedia platforms and tools and also the work carried out by the association.

This work can be summarised as a total of thirteen public presentations, 11 of which were given by the GLAM partnership manager on a variety of topics including: introductions to platforms or tools (general overview of platforms, Wikidata, Wikibase), communication strategies for publicising the movement, presentation of WLMusPT, among others.



Among the various events organised by others and in which the association is involved, the highlights include the celebration of the Centenary of Celeste Rodrigues by Antena1 for its media reach; the CC's Open Culture Roundtable in Lisbon; the CICLO ‘O FUTURO DO CONHECIMENTO’ promoted by the Goethe Institute and the BAD and the Encontro Ciência Cidadã which resulted in very fruitful contacts that will be followed up in 2024 and which laid the foundations for a future partnership with the Ciência Viva.

Also noteworthy was the WMPT's participation in the commemoration of International Open Access Week as part of the universities' own programmes (as opposed to creating its own event), with two presentations on copyright and free licences for research, included in the agendas of NOVA FCSH and Universidade do Algarve. This integration in external spaces has proved particularly beneficial in disseminating the potential of Wikimedia platforms to specialised audiences, with particular emphasis on research.



Participation in international events has allowed us to exchange views with members of various Wikimedia chapters and groups, particularly with Wikimedia Spain and Italy. These two organisations, due to their cultural and geographical proximity, have many similarities with the Portuguese reality and since then contact has been constant and the exchange of ideas and results has been beneficial.

Among the many Wikimedia-related events that have taken place outside Portugal, the following stand out: the Jornadas Wikimedia Espanha; the IberoConf; the Wikimedia Hackathon (participation of two members of the association in the Hackathon 2023, allowed to share the results and difficulties experienced by projects using tools such as wikibase/media wiki in Portugal); the ICOM 2023 Valencia (made it possible to learn about the work being done in other countries, as well as to strengthen links and create new partnerships with other chapters, namely the Spanish, German and Italian ones. Another highlight was the participation in the Wikimedia Europe General Assembly, formed with the aim of playing a strong role in the development of “European regulations in the fields of free knowledge, access to information and freedom of expression”.

Participation in the conference GLAM Wiki, which took place in Uruguay, is also worth mentioning, as the presentation of Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa received very positive reactions and, as in previous events, it allowed the association to strengthen its links with other groups, namely Wiki Movimento Brasil and Wikimedia Spain.

Schedule of activities


Below is the timetable of activities carried out throughout 2023:

Activities 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Axis
Public Domain Day Celebration x O
Public Domain Day - MEETING / WORKSHOP x O, CCC
Digital Drinks x O
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting x O, CCC
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting - FCSH x O, CCC
Women in Culture x CCC
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting x O, CCC
Wikimedia as a platform for Digital Humanities x O
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting - FCSH x O, CCC
Iberconf 2023 - Bogotá x O, CCC
Wikipedia as a tool for epistemological organisation x O
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting x O, CCC
Celeste Rodrigues Centenary x O, CCC
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music: Thematic meeting

- RTP Song Festival

x O, CCC
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting - FCSH x O, CCC
Wikathon: History of Science, Portugal and Navigation x O, CCC
Wikicon Portugal x O, CCC
Workshop Anglophone travellers in Portugal x x O, CCC
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music: Thematic meeting

- Music in the revolution

x O, CCC
Wiki Loves Earth Portugal x O
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting x O, CCC
CCC's Open Culture Roundtable in Lisbon x O
The Future of Knowledge: Digital Memories x O
Internet Day x O
Hackthon 2023 x O, CCC
Wiki Loves Portuguese Music Monthly Meeting - FCSH x O, CCC
Workshop How to use Wikidata in research: good practices in using and sharing open

of using and sharing open data in civil society

x O
New FCSH loves Wiki - Wikipedia Editathon x O, CCC
Wikimedia Europe General Assembly x CCC
Porto Meeting x O, CCC
No events and/or activities organised - -
Wikimania x CCC
Wiki Loves Monuments Portugal x O
ACIS Conference x O, CCC
The Global Gathering x O, CCC
Free Software Festival x O, CCC
Wikidata Days 2023 x O, CCC
International Open Access Week x O, CCC
Wikathon: History and Philosophy of Science x O, CCC
Wikimedia Days Spain x CCC
Glam Wiki 2023 - Uruguay x O, CCC
Workshop how to edit on Wikipedia - VFX Library x O, CCC
Citizen Science Meeting x O
Wiki Culture Marathon on Catalan language and culture, Porto x O, CCC
Wiki Culture Marathon on Catalan language and culture, Lisbon x O, CCC
Presentation of the results of Wiki Loves Portuguese Music x O



We are heavily involved in the open access, free software, open science and citizen science movement in Portugal. In 2022, the association, through the WIR, actively participated in the public consultation on the new National Open Science Policy, a role that was reinforced with participation in the Meeting of the National Citizen Science Network, which took place in November 2023. At the same time, the association's board signed, in 2023, together with other associations linked to free knowledge, an open letter addressed to the Minister of Culture, calling for the adoption of measures to facilitate access to national museum collections.

The staff and some members of the association have taken part in training sessions organised by the Let's Connect team, which allows them to keep abreast of what is being done by others and take the opportunity to exchange experiences and questions. We have taken part in working groups such as the one that discusses related topics like Fundraising and Heritage, with a view to learning rather than sharing experiences

Internal management




In 2023, 16 new members were registered. The new members were gained as a result of collaborations and participation in our activities. The number of permanent members totalled 87.





Ongoing work was communicated on a regular basis through the newsletter GLAM Wiki and the Wikimedia Portugal newsletter, which is now maintained monthly and includes announcements of planned activities, as well as other news of relevance to the Wikimedia community in Portugal. Participation in ICOM was also publicised on Diff, in collaboration with the chapters present. The one-year results of the WLMusPt campaign were published in a dedicated booklet, detailing the work carried out in each partnership and the priorities for 2024.

In addition, the association also had the support of the partner organisations that publicised the activities and events through their communication channels, namely the National Library and the FCSH. In the specific case of Wiki Loves Portuguese Music, it continues to be supported by ANTENA1 and was featured on Rimas e Batidas. Wiki Loves Earth also received special attention from Wilder, which interviewed the photographers of the winning photographs.

External communication was also realised through the association's social networks, namely Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. We also use the Official Telegram group, which has around 90 participants, where we communicate in real time about ongoing activities that may be of interest to the Wikimedia community in Portugal, and answer questions about participating in Wikimedia projects.

Financial report

Saldo anterior: 24 724,11 €
Saídas: -83 826,53 €
Human resources 55 236.13 €
Administrative costs 3 472.41 €
Conferences 21 233.83 €
Travelling 1 101.02 €
Exhibitions 646.10 €
Other 680.68 €
Entradas: 147 362.75 €
Donations 300.00 €
Various grants 146 841.16 €
Other income 1.59 €
Balanço: 63 536.22 €
Saldo: 88 260.33 €

The association's funds during the year were obtained through Grants from the Wikimedia Foundation, namely the Wikimedia Community Fund for 2022; and a donation of €25 per month.

About Wikimedia Portugal


Wikimedia Portugal]] (WMPT), officially Associação Wikimedia Portugal, is a private and independent non-profit organisation that supports the activities of the Wikimedia movement in Portugal. Its aim is to contribute to the widespread dissemination of knowledge and culture by encouraging the collection and creation of content that is free from restrictions on use, modification and distribution, and its dissemination.

It promotes and supports the projects of the non-profit organisation Wikimedia Foundation, based in the United States of America, with an emphasis on Portuguese-language projects. It establishes and maintains exchanges and relations with other public and private organisations, both national and foreign, especially in Portuguese-speaking countries and Portuguese communities abroad. Although it is recognised as a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, it is legally independent from it and has no editorial control over the content of the projects it hosts.

Most of its members are based in Portugal, mainly in the north of the country, but with several active members in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Madeira Autonomous Region. The WMPT board consists of three members: president, secretary and treasurer. The Supervisory Board and the General Assembly are also members of the association.