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Wikimedia Portugal
2016 Annual report


  • Wikipedia at the University program — Universidade Aberta
  • Follow-up of activities in the context of Iberocoop and participation in discussions on the activity of the Organization
  • Date: January to December, continued in 2017
  • Participants: João Vasconcelos (with members of Iberocoop)
  • Summary: Accompaniment of the Iberocoop activity and participation therein representing Wikimedia Portugal as a member
  • Results: Participation in Iberocoop
  • Support to Projeto Rurtugal
  • Date: November and December
  • Participants: Waldir Pimenta, André Barbosa
  • Report: Rurtugal (in Portuguese)
  • Links: Wikipédia:Wikipédia na Universidade/Cursos/Rurtugal
  • Summary: Support and training on a project inspired by Teaching Translation via Wikipedia
  • Results: Creation and expansion of articles related to villages in the North of Portugal
  • GLAM project — Museu de Évora
  • Date: February to December, continued in 2017
  • Participants: André Barbosa, Gonçalo Themudo
  • Links: Wikipédia:GLAM/Museu de Évora
  • Summary: Wikimedia Portugal has been in contact with Évora Museum and there is a shared interest in advancing to a GLAM partnership. Our main goal is to have a QRpedia platform in the exhibition area, allowing visitors to access Wikipedia articles on the works of art through their mobile devices. WMPT will coordinate a volunteer work group that will create or improve such articles, as well as monitoring a training program for museum staff about Wikimedia projects. Such program will be a pilot-project, and there are plans to replicate it in other Portuguese museums.
  • Support to WMF's fundraising campaign
  • Date: April
  • Participants: João Vasconcelos
  • Summary: translation and interpretation of texts for publication
  • Results: Providing information for fundraising campaign
  • Support to Offline Medical Encyclopedia
  • Date: July to September
  • Participants: JMagalhães (coordinator), Biólogo32, Önni and other members of "Wikiprojeto Saúde" (Wikiproject Health)
  • Links: Wikipédia:WikiProject Medicine/Open Textbook of Medicine
  • Summary: Medical Wikipedia is a mobile app for Android that offers offline access to selected medical articles. Its target audiences are mostly remote or under-developed regions where Internet access is limited. The app was developed by Wiki Project Med and Wikimedia Switzerland, and it's based on Kiwix. It's available in several languages. Its content is a selection of 230 essential articles on medicine, anatomy and pharmacy. The content for the Portuguese version was a joint effort of Portuguese and Brazilian editors. In August 2016, we created a work group at "Wikiprojecto Saúde", assigning tasks to improve Portuguese language articles. In just three months, our group improved nearly 200 medical articles, providing reliable information from the most up-to-date scientific literature
  • Results: About 200 essential medical articles in Portuguese language were improved for mobile app "Medical Wikipedia"
  • Conversations with Wikimedia Spain, notably with Rubén Ojeda, for collaboration in the organization of events and meetings of Wikipedia
  • Date: October, continued in 2017
  • Participants: João Vasconcelos (with Wikimedia Espanha, Rubén Ojeda, Santiago Navarro)
  • Summary: Establishment of a collaboration program between Wikimedia Portugal and Wikimedia Spain, eventually re-publishing the WLE Portugal + Spain of 2015 and/or reformulating projects in partnership
  • Results: Realization of Iberian Wikipedia events
  • Co-organization of Art+feminism 2017
  • Collaboration in the organization of Scientific Conferences on Wikipedia
  • Date: November, December, continued in 2017
  • Participants: João Vasconcelos (with Wiki Educação Brasil)
  • Summary: Establishment of a program of collaboration and meeting of scientific contents and investigators in Portugal (and in Brazil) to present papers and documents on Wikipedia research and specifically in the area of education and learning
  • Results: Holding Conference with international participation
  • Reflection and discussion on strategic lines of Wikimedia and Wikimedia Portugal and preparation of proposals of strategic definition to present to the Movement
  • Date: December, continued in 2017
  • Participants: João Vasconcelos, Teresa Cardoso, Filomena Pestana
  • Summary: First reflections on the strategy to be followed in a temporal plan of fifteen to twenty years, in the Wikimedia movement and in the Portuguese Chapter context, in a plan of Wikimedia Portugal
  • Results: Collaboration within proposals in the Development of the WMF and WMPT Strategy

Financial movements

  • Previous balance = 494,3 €
  • Outputs = - 18,72 €
  • Inputs = + 100,00 €
  • Balance sheet = + 81,28 €
  • Balance = 575,58 €