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Relatório anual


Nota: This is a computer-translated version of Relatórios/Anual/2021, provided for readers' convenience. It is not a legal document. Please refer to the original.

This report focuses on Wikimedia Portugal's activities from 1 January to 31 December 2022.

This year was marked by the return of face-to-face activities after the constraints caused by the covid-19 pandemic were progressively lifted. Another milestone was the effect that the hiring of human resources had on the association and its relationship with the outside world, in particular the work of Wikimedian-in-residence with the academic world, as well as the hiring of a project manager who made the association more agile and more active.



Wikimedian in Residence


The hiring of a wikimedian in residence, in addition to the support given to the E-Viterbo project, completed in December 2022, has made it possible to develop a series of activities with the FCSH academic community and beyond. The final report is being finalised, with the data and metrics of the activities produced and the impact achieved.

Also as part of the work of Wikimedian in Residence, a Survey on training needs was carried out. Wikimedia in Cape Verde, the results of which will be presented in 2023.

Attracting new contributors


With the aim of improving the content on Portuguese music on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, Wiki Loves Portuguese Music was created. This project received support from the FCSH right from the start, namely from Arquivo José Mário Branco, with which the first activity was carried out, and from Antena 1. As well as improving the content, this project also aims to:

  • increase the level of technical knowledge of editors, through workshops and specific training sessions; for example, how to create the various information boxes for Wikipedia articles, how to create categories in Wikipedia and Commons, among others.
  • promoting the meeting and sharing of knowledge between experienced and inexperienced editors under the Música Portuguesa banner
  • create partnerships with organisations that stand out in the field of Portuguese music
  • promote Wikipedia and other sister projects as teaching tools

Photo competitions


Wiki Loves Earth in Portugal was organised by Wikimedia Portugal for the fourth time after the 2015, 2019 and 2020 editions. Prizes for the competition worth €1,000 were funded through a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation (€500 for 1st place, €300 for 2nd place, €100 for 3rd place). The photos were judged by a jury made up of José Teixeira (CIIMAR / University of Porto), Catarina Grilo (ANP/WWF), André Barbosa (Wikimedia Portugal), Gonçalo Themudo (Wikimedia Portugal), Sofia Ponte (IADE-European University), Jorge Nunes (Nature Photographer), Fátima Trindade Neves (Wikimedia Portugal), Rodrigo Cabrita (Photojournalist).

In total, 113 participants uploaded 1320 images, with the national stage being the 12th with the most images submitted compared to entries from other countries. The vast majority (79 per cent) of participants uploaded their first photo to Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia's open multimedia repository.

The best photos from Portugal were also judged by an international jury along with the finalists from all the participating countries. The winner of the first international prize was top hat and frame photographed by Neide Paixão; four other photos made the top 20.

Winners from Portugal

More details on WMPT blog.



Oceanos Trophy


Press clippings



Wiki Loves Earth Exhibition


Three Wiki Loves Earth exhibitions were also organised in partnership with CIIMAR. The first took place at the Cascais sea wall, the second at the Porto Botanical Garden and the last at the Port of Leixões. This allowed the association to reach over 30,000 people:

Press Cuttings

Wall in Cascais

  • 06-Jun-2022 - CM Cascais: Inauguration of the Wiki Loves Earth exhibition at Paredão [7]
  • 06-jun-2022 - Guia na Cidade: Wiki Loves Earth exhibition at Paredão in Cascais [8]
  • 06-Jun-2022 - CM Cascais: Exhibition celebrates the planet's biodiversity [9]
  • 03-Jul-2022 - Ambiente Cascais (FB): Haven't you noticed the ‘Wiki Loves Earth’ exhibition on the Cascais seafront, next to the Alberto Romano Swimming Pool? [
  • 06-Jul-2022 - Ambiente Cascais (FB): It's only until tomorrow that you can see the ‘Wiki Loves Earth’ exhibition at the Paredão de Cascais [10]

Botanical Garden of the University of Porto

Port of Leixões:

  • 09-09-2022 - CIIMAR:CIIMAR Open Day [13]
  • 09-09-2022 - Viva Porto:Port of Leixões Day celebrated with several free visits [14]
  • 16-09-2022 - APDL Programme:Port of Leixões Day [15]
  • 16-09-2022 - The Truth:Port of Leixões Day will be celebrated with musical and artistic shows and entertainment[

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is an annual photographic competition held in the autumn and organised by members of the Wikimedia community around the world. Participants take photographs of the various monuments and historical sites in their region and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. The competition aims to raise the profile of the built heritage of the participating countries by encouraging people to record them photographically and to publish these images under a free licence, so that they can be used not only on Wikipedia, but anywhere and by anyone. A total of 4026 photos of Portugal's built, archaeological and natural heritage were uploaded by 32 participants, making it the 10th country by number of photos in the global competition.

Prizes totalling 1000 euros were awarded to the three best photos, as well as to the participant who uploaded photos of the largest number of different monuments, funded by a grant from the WIkimédia Foundation.

National Winners


Photos submitted to the international stage


Press clippings

  • 04/10/22 - Turismo Centro Portugal: Photo Competition: Wiki Loves Monuments 2022
  • 04/10/22 - E-cultura: Photo Contest: Wiki Loves Monuments 2022
  • 04/10/22 - Mais Algarve: Wiki Loves Monuments Portugal 2022 Photo Competition
  • 04/10/22 - Europe-Cities: Photography Contest ‘Wiki Loves Monuments Portugal 2022’

Participation in international events


Some members of Wikimedia Portugal participated in online events organised by the Wikimedia Movement, namely:

In the specific case of the Wikimedia Spain Days, they served to strengthen ties between the two chapters with a view to drawing up joint projects.

Other activities


Internal management




In 2022, 10 new members were registered. The new members were gained as a result of collaborations. The number of permanent members still totalled 78.





The association's external communication essentially took place via the mailing list and social media channels Twitter (, Facebook ( and Instagram ( In addition, we use the official Telegram group, which has around 90 participants, where we communicate in real time about activities taking place that may be of interest to the Wikimedia community in Portugal, and answer questions about participation in Wikimedia projects.

Financial report

Saldo anterior: 25 516,98 €
Saídas: -41 689,87 €
Entradas: 40 897,00 €
Donations 120,00 €
Grants 40 777,00 €
Others 0 €
Balanço: -792,87 €
Saldo: 24 724,11 €

The association's funds during the year were obtained through Grants from the Wikimedia Foundation, namely the Wikimedia Community Fund for 2022.

2022 Income Statement: PDF

About Wikimedia Portugal


Wikimedia Portugal]] (WMPT), officially Associação Wikimedia Portugal, is a private and independent non-profit organisation that supports the activities of the Wikimedia movement in Portugal. Its aim is to contribute to the widespread dissemination of knowledge and culture by encouraging the collection and creation of content free from restrictions on use, modification and distribution, and its dissemination.

It promotes and supports the projects of the non-profit organisation Wikimedia Foundation, based in the United States of America, with an emphasis on Portuguese-language projects. It establishes and maintains exchanges and relations with other public and private organisations, both national and foreign, especially in Portuguese-speaking countries and Portuguese communities abroad. Although it is recognised as a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, it is legally independent from it and has no editorial control over the content of the projects it hosts.

Most of its members are based in Portugal, mainly in the north of the country, but with several active members in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Madeira Autonomous Region. The WMPT board consists of three members: president, secretary and treasurer. The Supervisory Board and the General Assembly are also members of the association.