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This report focuses on Wikimedia Portugal's activities from January 1 to December 31, 2020.

The WHO statement of the COVID-19 Pandemic on March 11, 2020 and the declarations by the President of the Portuguese Republic of subsequent calamity and emergency states, with varying restrictions on mobility and freedom of assembly, substantially limited the holding of planned events for 2020, most notably the international Wikidata Days 2020 conference, which had to be postponed to 2021. The uncertainty regarding the course of the epidemiological curve, and the measures that would be adopted by the government, and the serious disturbance to the normal life of the members and potential participants in activities, made it impossible to plan activities over the course of this year. That said, it was still possible to successfully carry out WikiCon Portugal (a long-held wish of Wikimedia Portugal to hold a national conference) even before the declaration of the pandemic, and the Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments photo contests, in addition to participating in some punctual online conferences and events.


Increased community capacity[editar]

WikiCon Portugal[editar]

Esfera armilar a amarelo num círculo verde, rodeado de arcos a vermelho e azul
Logo do WikiCon Portugal

For the first time in its history, Wikimedia Portugal organized a National Conference, WikiCon Portugal, which took place from 17 to 19 January 2020, at Casa do Infante, classified as a National Monument, in Porto. It had the participation of about 40 people, and included lectures, practical workshops and debates, as well as a guided tour of the Casa do Infante Museum. On the occasion of Wikipedia's 19 years and Wikimédia Portugal's 10 years, WikiCon Portugal 2020 wanted to celebrate the community that took on the mission of each human being being able to freely share the sum of all knowledge. The objective of the first edition of WikiCon Portugal was to develop community capacities. It had the support of the Wikimedia Foundation, which financed the participation of Asaf Bartov, and the travel grants of the participants; and of the Porto City Council, which kindly made the Casa do Infante auditorium available for the lectures. We also have to thank the Maus Hábitos space for providing a room to hold a workshop.

The lectures given can be consulted in the program (in Portuguese) and the images on Commons.

Press clipping and social networks

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Attracting new contributors[editar]

Photo contests[editar]

Wiki Loves Earth 2020[editar]

Wiki Loves Earth in Portugal was organized by Wikimedia Portugal, for the third time after a first edition in 2015 and a second one in 2019. Prizes for the contest worth 1500 € were financed through a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation (600 € for 1 .Th place, 400 € for 2nd place, 150 € for 3rd place, 50 € for 4th to 10th place). The evaluation of the photos was carried out by a jury composed by Wikimedistas from Portugal, Brazil and Italy.

1246 photos were uploaded in Portugal, by 78 participants. The vast majority (82%) of the participants uploaded their first photo in Wikimedia Commons , the open multimedia repository of Wikimedia, within the scope of the contest . It was the first time that the WMPT organized the contest without the help of our Spanish counterparts (WMES).

The best photos from Portugal were also evaluated by an international jury together with the finalists from all participating countries.

Portugal Winners

More details on the WMPT blog.

Press clipping

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Wiki Loves Monuments 2020[editar]

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is an annual photographic competition held during the month of September and organized by members of the Wikimedia community around the world. Participants take photographs of the various monuments and historical sites in their region, then upload them to Wikimedia Commons. The competition aims to give visibility to the built heritage of the participating countries, encouraging people to register them photographically and to publish these images under a free license, so that they can be used not only on Wikipedia, but anywhere and for any purpose. people. 14437 photos of built, archaeological and natural heritage in Portugal were uploaded by 93 participants, the 6th country by number of photographs in the contestglobally. There was also a substantial improvement over last year's edition, more than doubling the number of submissions.

The three best photos as well as the participant who competed with photographs from the largest number of different monuments were awarded prizes totaling 1400 euros, financed through a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation .

More details on the WMPT blog .

Press clipping

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Participation in international events[editar]

Internal management[editar]


Number of Wikimedia Portugal members. blue - registered members each year; red - accumulated sum of members; yellow - number of active members.

In 2020, 4 new members were registered, a low figure probably due to the little activity motivated by the pandemic situation. New members were raised as a result of the national conference or collaborations. The number of effective members still reached 64, a figure higher than the number of members in 2017. Recalling that the number of effective members had decreased in 2018 due to the suspension of members who did not update their data, in order to include the information address.


Two General Meetings were held in 2020: the XIII Ordinary General Meeting on January 17th (coinciding with WikiCon Portugal), to present the Activities Report and discuss the activities plan for 2020. The replacement of the member of the Board of Directors was also announced. General Assembly Board, João Carvalho, at his own request. The new vowel was associated with Jorge Pinho. Eight associates participated in person, at Casa do Infante, in Porto; the XIV Ordinary and Electoral General Assembly also took place on July 5, via video conference, for the final approval of the 2019 Activities and Accounts Report , amendment of the Internal Regulations and election of the governing bodies for the 2020-2022 biennium.

The board met several times throughout the year, mostly online. A meeting was formal, and the respective agendas and registration can be consulted . The management and other members of the governing bodies, in addition to associates responsible for organizing an event, were also in permanent contact through an instant messaging group on Telegram. Admission to this group is made according to the needs of each member, and depending on the events being organized.


An Instagram account ( ) was created for Wikimedia Portugal. The association's external communication took place essentially through the mailing list, and through the social media channels Twitter ( ), Facebook ( ) and now Instagram . In addition, we use the official Telegram group , which has about 60 participants, where it communicates in real time about ongoing activities that may be of interest to the Wikimedia community in Portugal, and take off questions about participation in Wikimedia projects.

Financial report[editar]

Saldo anterior: 23.799,49 €
Saídas: -4.473,87 €
Entradas: 3.506,12 €
Donativos 1,74 €
Grants diversos 3.460,00 €
Ajuste contabilístico 44,38 €
Balanço: -967,75 €
Saldo: 22.831,74 €

About Wikimedia Portugal[editar]

The Wikimedia Portugal (WMPT), officially Wikimedia Portugal Association, is a private and independent non-profit association that supports the Wikimedia movement activities in Portugal. It aims to contribute to the widespread dissemination of knowledge and culture by encouraging the collection and creation of content free from restrictions on use, modification and distribution, and the dissemination of them.

Promotes and supports the projects of the non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation, based in the United States of America, with emphasis on projects in Portuguese. Establishes and maintains exchanges and relations with other public and private entities, national and foreign, especially from Portuguese-speaking countries and Portuguese communities abroad. Although recognized as a "chapter" by the Wikimedia Foundation, it is legally independent of it, and has no editorial control over the content of the projects hosted by it.

Most of its members are in Portuguese territory, mainly in the North of Portugal, but with several members active in the area of ​​the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, and the Autonomous Region of Madeira. The WMPT board consists of three members: president, secretary and treasurer. The Fiscal Council and the General Assembly are also bodies of association .