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2009 Activities Report

Note: This report covers the period from the establishment of the association, 21 September 2009, until 31 December, 2009. For previous activities, please see Cronologia#Log.


  • Day 21: Registration of the Association in Braga's Civil Registry Office (Conservatória de Braga). In the creation act Waldir Pimenta (User:Waldir) and César Gomes (User:Snitrom), who lived in Braga, were present. By Portuguese simplified rules of "Associação na Hora", only the presence of two people were necessary.


  • Day 16: Domain activation of, offered by FCCN for one year under the program "Associação na Hora".
  • Day 24: First General Assembly (constitutive). Nine Board Members were elected for 2009-2011, and the Statutes and Internal Regulations were approved .
  • Day 29: On TSF Radio station, the program "Fórum TSF" featured a debate about "What's changed in our lives with Internet?". Waldir Pimenta attended, spoke about Wikipedia and mentioned Wikimedia Portugal. Audio excerpt: Ficheiro:ForumTSF 2009-10-29.ogg. In that same day, a Facebook page, a group and a Twitter account (wikimediapt) were also created.


  • Day 3: We performed an extraordinary General Assembly (General Assembly II) to approve the minutes of the first General Assembly. This was necessary to establish the bank account.
  • Day 12: The association's bank account was created. This was a prerequisite to declare the beginning of operations for the association to the Ministry of Finance. That was also necessary in order to receive the WMF grant, for which we had applied and that was approved in July. The back account creation required an initial deposit of 250€.
  • Day 13: The operations commencement record was made in the Ministry of Finance, thus completed the process of formal establishment of the association in the Portuguese legal system.


  • Day 3: Purchased stamp and receipt book
Associated expenses: 22.27 €