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2011 Activity Report - April to June


Ficheiro:Wikipedia use for rehabilitation of minority languages.png
"Wikipedia use for rehabilitation of minority languages" presentation.
  • Apresentação na Conferência Shristi 2011
Presentation made by Béria Lima at Shristi 2011 conference, after invitation by Anirudh Singh Bhati, treasurer of Wikimedia India.
  • V General Assembly
This General Assembly had the presence of Lodewijk Gelauff to discuss Wiki Loves Monuments Europe 2011. It was also discussed the Report for 2010 and the plans and budget to 2011.
  • 10th Anniversary of Portuguese Wikipedia
During all month of April, the Oitavo WikiConcurso happened, and their final results were to be announced at 11 May, the exact date of 10º Anniversary of Portuguese Wikipedia.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
The site was developed and launched.


Wiki Loves Monuments meeting at Berlin Hackathon 2011
  • WLM Berlin hackathon
Gonçalo Themudo (sponsored by Wikimedia Deutschland) and Nuno Tavares (sponsored by Wikimedia CH) participate in Berlin Hackathon, to help the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 - Europe.
  • 10th Anniversary of Portuguese Wikipedia
To celebrate the 10º Anniversary of Portuguese Wikipedia, the 8th WikiConcurso was held, with the awards sponsored by Wikimedia Portugal. The event also had mediatic coverage.
  • Wikimedia Portugal Blog
It was installed and configured the Wikimedia Portugal blog ( The first posts were the reports from 2009 and 2010. The announcement was made on the mailing list at 4 May.


WMPT presentation at I IberoConf.
  • Encontro Wikimedia Ibero-americano
The I Encontro Wikimedia Ibero-americano was held in Buenos Aires with representants of Argentina, Chile, Spain and Portugal chapters and the working groups of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. The representats of Wikimedia Portugal were Nuno Tavares and Manuel de Sousa.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
The comunication material was created and distributed.