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2011 Activity Report - July to September


  • Wiki Loves Monuments
In preparation for the Wiki Loves Monuments, WMPT started a record of media coverage of the event. We also created an event page on Facebook, which was released by the members to all their contacts.
  • Fundraising agreement
Waldir Pimenta had a meeting via IRC with Moushira Elamrawy to clarify some points about the Fundraising agreement between Wikimedia Portugal and Wikimedia Foundation. The conclusion that WMPT couldn't be a payment processor at 2011 Fundraising was contested and Moushira suggest that a real life meeting should be held during Wikimania 2011, in early August.


  • Wiki Loves Monuments
As the event approach, the preparations intensified, with more contact with Media and Sponsors, cooperation with the international edition, and final corrections to data and systems. It was written and published a press release, and the kit was distributed to publicize the WLM by sponsors and support.
  • Preparations to next Board
Per Manuel de Sousa suggestion, a Board meeting was held on IRC at 26 August, to coordinate and prepare the next Board election and define the strategic plan for WMPT.
  • Interview
Gonçalo Themudo was interviewd by Folha de São Paulo about Wikipédia, and the interview was published in Folha de São Paulo site. The annoucement was made on the mailing list.


Some Wiki Takes Lisbon participants.
Group photo for Wiki Takes Porto.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2011
During all September, we held the national verison of Wiki Loves Monuments 2011. And as part of it, were organized two photographic raids "Wikipedia takes the city" with the support of IGESPAR, and as part of Jornadas Europeias do Património de 2011.
  • Wiki Takes Porto
  • Wiki Takes Lisboa