Wiki Loves Monuments 2012/Draft do pedido de grant WLM2012

Fonte: Wikimedia Portugal
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Predefinição:Grant request

Legal name of chapter
Associação Wikimedia Portugal
Grant contact name
Nuno Tavares
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Manuel de Sousa /
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Manuel de Sousa and João Miguel Vasconcelos
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Manuel de Sousa / and Mvasconcellos /
Project lead title (position), if any
Project Managers
Full project name
Wiki Loves Monuments 2012
Amount requested (in USD)
€38,000 ($46,662)
Provisional target start date
August 1, 2012
Provisional completion date
November 30, 2012

Budget breakdown[editar]

(N.B.: Rates are quoted at €1.00 = $1.22795. All values given here are estimates.)

Item Amount
Website rewrite €600
Travel expenses €400
Snacks and beverages €200
Wiki Takes €900
Printed material €200
Travel expenses €500
Snacks and beverages €100
Courier €100
Juri meeting €2,500
Travel expenses €800
Snacks and beverages €400
Venue rental €800
Equipment rental €500
Awards and prizes €8,700
First prize €5,000
Second prize €2,500
Third prize €1,000
4th to 10th prizes €2,100
Courier €200
Promotion & exhibition €25,300
Printed photos and other material €10,000
Venue rental & setting up exhibition €10,000
Travel expenses €800
Press kit €1,000
Project planning and incidentals €3,500

Project goal[editar]

The goal of the project is to gather quality photographs of various heritage sites across Portugal, which in turn could be used in Wikipedia articles. This also aims at reinforcing the success of the first edition of WLM held in 2011 in which a total of ??? pics were uploaded. The project also aims to further promote Wikimedia Commons among the Portuguese photograpers community as well as the general public, raising awareness to free license photographs, be requiring the use of CC-BY-SA 3.0 licenses for all entries.

Program Plan[editar]

Several project plans for Wiki Loves Monuments have already been implemented after the it was warmly received by Chapter members and government agencies that the Chapter intends to partner up with for the project.

Event Launch
An event launch is planned to be held towards the end of March, just in time for the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer vacation and travel period. An early launch was envisioned to attract more participants as well as take advantage of those who would be travelling outside Manila to take photographs of heritage sites in the provinces.
Promotions and Exhibits
It is planned to hype the event since it is the first time that the project will be held in the Philippines, it is important to be aggressive in promoting the project nationally as heritage sites are located across the country. This will provide a chance to solicit participation not just to those are based in Manila who may have heard or attended the event launch, but also those who are in the provinces who may just be based around their local heritage sites.
Awarding Event
An awarding ceremony is intended to be held in an art gallery where media will be invited especially if the event was able to draw a large number of entries and participants. This will ultimately give a chance for everyone to be aware of Wikimedia Philippines, and the projects of the chapter is not focused in Wikipedia alone nor does it cater exclusively to writers who can be contributors Wikipedia but also photographers who may contribute to Wikimedia Commons.

Fit to strategy[editar]

The project would expose the participants to Wikimedia Commons, which would benefit from the contributions that the project will generate from the Philippines. This is in line with the Wikimedia's strategy to increase participation especially in the Global South. Their exposure to the Wikimedia Commons will give them the opportunity to study it and hopefully create awareness and imbue in them the spirit of being a contributor to the Wikimedia projects.

The event will also partner with several government agencies like the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, National Museum, National Historical Commission and the Department of Tourism among others which will further the areas of cooperation between the Chapter and the said agencies to pursue other projects like GLAM.

Other benefits[editar]

The largest photo contest in the Philippines has generated some 4,000 entries, and if Wiki Loves Monuments would beat this record it could generate a lot of mileage for the Chapter to gain additional members, regular Wikimedia Commons contributors or even potential donors from companies who may want to partner with the chapter the next time the event is held.

Measures of success[editar]

The event will be considered a success if it could gather as much as 3,000 entries from the Philippines from at least 100 participants who will create new user accounts in Wikimedia Commons.