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Wiki Loves Monuments is a photography contest at an European level, aimed at raising awareness of the monuments in existence all over Europe. In Portugal, it is organized by Wikimedia Portugal. It will take place in September 2011 simultaneously in several european countries. After a national stage, an international panel will pick the winners among the best of each country. If you are interested, we invite you to submit monument pictures with a free distribution license, a premiss for its use and distribution in Wikipedia. The objective is to get a complete photographic coverage of the monument list on Wikipedia, givin a complete and unique view over the cultural heritage of these countries.

The rules of the national contest are described in more detail at the more specific page.

Winners of this initiative in Portugal will be evaluated by the European level jury that will pick the best picture of an European monument.

At a national level, contestants are eligible to win stays in Pousadas de Portugal historic hotels, albums, frames and print outs! Prize categories include "Best picture", "Highest number of pictures" (of different monuments) and "Best picture of a Pousada de Portugal" (classified as a monument).

Photos must be submitted between 1 and 30 September 2011 and must be authored by the contestants and uploaded in the link that will be available on the site in September. However, you can start collecting photos right now, including those old pictures you took many years ago!

To find what monuments are close to you, see the map or the exploration tool.