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Would be possible have access to edit the main page as well?

It is in needed of some updating.

Thank you.

-- 16h59min de 29 de outubro de 2019 (UTC)[Responder]

PS: please see my work within the Portuguese translations

E-mail doesn't work[editar]


Internet Email: infoAt sign.svgwikimedia.pt

O e-mail acima indicado não funciona. As mensagens são devolvidas pelos servidores de correio eletrónico.


--Aamrs (discussão) 11h24min de 12 de novembro de 2019 (UTC)[Responder]

Wenceslau Cifka[editar]

Hi colleagues from Portugal. I am a volunteer of the Czech Wikipedia and co-author of the article Wenceslau Cifka (1811 - 1884). He was born in Bohemia, but spent most of his life in Portugal in the service of King Fernando II de Portugal as a ceramist, painter, photographer and architect. There is little information about him in Czech museums and libraries. Can you help us to get information about his life and work and pictures of his works (ceramics, photographs)? Does WM PT have any GLAM project with Museu Nacional do Azulejo, or with any other institution where information about his life and work could be found?

In the second half of April 2020 I will be in Lisbon for a few days. I will be very happy to meet you and will be grateful for any help. --Gampe (discussão) 12h02min de 1 de março de 2020 (UTC)[Responder]

Hi Gampe. Nice to hear from you. We don't currently have a GLAM project with the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, but we can try to get some information from them or translate something from Portuguese if you have found any source that would be useful for you. I found these sources in Portuguese: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], for example. You can join us in our Telegram group [6] if you would like to chat with more members. I am in Porto, but we have a couple of people in Lisbon that may be willing to meet with you. GoEThe (discussão) 10h29min de 2 de março de 2020 (UTC)[Responder]