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Democratic capacity


Good to read a plan, but I note that it seems very focused on outputs and formalities rather than actual underlying capacity. A major source of "capacity" for me is always the involvement of the members and the existence of a democratic process. This is briefly mentioned in the section "Compliance with obligations and best practices", where however one gets the impression that it's just about legal fixes.

For instance, some collegial bodies actually become stronger when they given up some power to ensure that some groups are represented. Think of proportional electoral systems where the majority doesn't take all seats, or quotas for women in the board of publicly listed companies.

Just some thoughts from my experience in other associations. May be relevant for WMPT or not. --Nemo bis (discussão) 14h38min de 1 de outubro de 2018 (UTC)Responder

Hi Nemo bis, thank you for your comments. We have just about enough people interested to fill all the formal positions, so while theoreticaly it is something to consider, our priority is sustainable growth. This of course has to do with involvement of the members, and we have taken some measures recently to increase transparency and inclusiveness (f.ex., by opening the archives of our general mailing list, and restrict the use of the internal (private) mailing list to sensitive data). GoEThe (discussão) 10h24min de 2 de outubro de 2018 (UTC)Responder
We also started reusing the mailing lists, which were mostly abandoned for many years. That should help with the engagement and help people understanding where they can help accotrding to their interests sand skills.-- Darwin Ahoy! 11h33min de 2 de outubro de 2018 (UTC)Responder